New regional Accelerator Program

Today we launched a new accelerator Program in Fintech.?The call is open for digital and tech startups that have the potential to provide internal innovation for the Finance Industry, added value solutions for their customers, and general innovation for the Banking and Finance Industry. It is important to highlight that the solutions expected by the […]

Interview with Ted Wang

According to Wikipedia, “Ted Wang is a Silicon Valley lawyer who represents high profile startups and established technology companies such as Facebook, Path,?Square,?StumbleUpon, Twitter, Sonos and Dropbox. He is a partner at technology and life science focused law firm Fenwick & West?and someone who Bloomberg identified as “one of Fenwick’s biggest draws,” in the 2011 […]

We are studied at Harvard!

Today, we share the news that NXTP Labs was selected as a case study for Harvard Business School. Entrepreneurs, sometimes, we are not aware of what we have accomplished until someone from the outside comes along and tells us that it is great. Although I?am a sometimes critic with out work and focus on what […]

Another winter…

One year ago, I published a post called “Is Winter Coming?“, where I asked myself if, after a lot of boiling and available capital for startups (especially in the early stages), finally an djustment is coming, especially in terms of access to financing for growth stages. I believe that this year was not particularly bad […]

Listening vs Convincing

All entrepreneurs face countless challenges (we always want to use the word ?countless? in this phrase). Before starting, you have to convince yourself of the business idea, convince the cofounders, convince the providers, users, clients. Convince, convinve, convince. With time, good entrepreneurs turn into professional ?convincers?; their survival depends on it. Today, few dispute the […]

Teaching For The Future

I?m not being very original if I say that education is one of the greatest challenges that we have in Latin America. In fact, it?s something that I wrote about in this old post where I addressed the need to teach and promote entrepreneurial skills in schools. Except for a few exceptions, most of our […]