Antiportfolio (or startups that I didn’t arrive to see in time)

Most investors boast about their great success, especially when they detected companies in the early stages and, they could accompany them to become successful enterprises. Clearly this is our bet with NXTP, we want to help

Claramente ?sta es nuestra apuesta con NXTP, we want to help build the next wave of large technology companies from LatAm. Some funds also share stories of failure in their portfolios and try to learn (and help others) from their mistakes. Something that is seen much less, are investors that recognize investment opportunities and let them pass, or that they did not see in time.

Last week, Jeff Clavier of SoftTech shared some of his mistakes in PreMoney, a conference organized by 500Startups. In the case of Bessemer, well-known VC fund, they have a blog where they share ?errors of omission,? which they call the AntiPortfolio (see how close they were to knowing Larry y Sergei in 1994, when they were making ?Google from a garage).

In my case, I still remember when I participated as a judge in the Intel Challenge a few years ago. When Onapsis presented their plan to offer security options for ERP systems (SAP, Oracle) in large companies, beyond its founder, Mariano Nu?ez, ?giving a good presentation, My reaction was ?good luck with this, you?re going to need it!? Almost with a hidden smile.

A few weeks ago, Onapsis raised almost US$10 million, and they now have offices in the U.S., Germany, and France as well as Argentina.

Surely, this will not be the first time that I will kick myself meeting a company early that I let pass me by and later was successful, although I do hope to learn and minimize this error rate moving forward.

Congratulations to the Onapsis team and best of luck, we need more successful companies coming from latin America.

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