Teaching For The Future

I?m not being very original if I say that education is one of the greatest challenges that we have in Latin America. In fact, it?s something that I wrote about in this old post where I addressed the need to teach and promote entrepreneurial skills in schools. Except for a few exceptions, most of our countries are focused on educating students for jobs that no longer exist, with methodologies of the past century. This doesn?t seem like a winning formula.

In this great article, the ex-consultant-turned-promoter of innovation and entrepreneeurship, Ignacio Pe?a clearly describes the challenge (also the opportunity!) ?to educate on a project basis and the incredible results in a school in the United States.

One of the best phrases in this article is from Montaigne, from the XVI century, ?I would urge that care be taken to choose a guide with a well-made rather than a well-filled head?.

If you are interested in this topic, you can read Ignacio?s blog, Surfing Tsunamis.

This post was originally published on LatAm.VC.