We are studied at Harvard!

Today, we share the news that NXTP Labs was selected as a case study for Harvard Business School. Entrepreneurs, sometimes, we are not aware of what we have accomplished until someone from the outside comes along and tells us that it is great. Although I?am a sometimes critic with out work and focus on what we need to improve, I believe that this kind of recognition cannot be dismissed. For me, it is rewarding?that smart people?are thinking about us, in spite of the fact that?I feel we are only getting started. When we founded NXTP Labs we wanted to change the Latin American landscape of startup investments and I believe that, little by little, we are getting everyong on board.

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible, to our powerful network of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors, who make our daily life make sense. Thank you especially to the staff, that push everything forward everyday. This time congratulations come from this side! šŸ™‚